MAR.P.O. Services

Maritime Private Office [MAR.P.O.] – 3 services in one:

• CV-Sender. Send your CV to chosen companies simply in One-click. You do not need to search contacts of companies and shipowners who hire Easterneuropean sailors, crewing companies in different areas. You just need to set your criterias and make a click. Sending occurs automatically depending on your requests.

• CV-Transformer. Tired of filling CV’es in all various forms? This service is for you! Order the transfer of information from one form to another by clicking TRANSFORM. The new CV will be ready as soon as possible.

• Doc’s Keeper. The unique cloud service with permanent access to the scan copies of your documents from any point of the globe. As well as all forms of CV’es you ever filled, the possibility of delivery of chosen files to any email address you selected. This is your personal office in the internet!

We are planning to develop the project with new possibilities and services. The main goal of the service is to simplify documents circulation in marine business and to create the resource according to the needs of users and professionals in maritime sphere. Maritime Private Office [MAR.P.O.] helps using your resources more effectively, FAST and SIMPLE.

Maritime Private Office. Your personal crew-manager.

- CH OFF - ADMA - 4PM - UAE - 3+/-1
- Master - OSV - UAE - 3+/-1 - ADMA