Inspection Document (CMID)

The Common Marine Inspection Document (CMID)(IMCA M 149) is a free to use marine inspection format provided by the International Marine Contractors Association for the inspection and audit of marine vessels involved in the offshore industry.


The purpose of the Common Marine Inspection Document (the ‘CMID’) is to provide an industry format for vessel inspection reports and to reduce the number of inspections carried out on individual marine vessels, together with the adoption of a common inspection standard for the offshore marine industry. This can be achieved by sharing inspection reports. If there is a requirement to inspect a vessel, the company requesting the inspection should first ascertain the date when the last inspection was conducted, using the format of this document and the availability of the report. If the report is more than one year old then a new inspection should be conducted.


A competent and independent third party should complete the inspection.


Using the report does not waive any rights to inspect the vessel, but the inspection report can be taken into consideration when assessing the degree of any further inspection that might be required.


A significant part of the international offshore industry has accepted this document as the standard for vessel inspections and, as such, when requesting copies of recent inspections they will expect them to be in this format.


The inspection also ensures that all mandatory certification for the vessel and its operations are up to date.


The inspection contains 17 sections including:


  •          Vessel Particulars


  •          Index of Certificates


  •          HSE (Health, Safety & Environment)


  •          Crew Management


  •          Pollution Prevention


The CMID is currently on Issue 8, with Issue 9 expected later. With the release of issue 7 in 2009, an online database, which allows the electronic completion of CMID reports and manages storage and access of these inspections was released by IMCA.


In April 2013, IMCA reworked the Marine Inspection Checklist for Small Workboats (IMCA M 189) renaming it as the Marine inspection for Small Workboats (Common Marine Inspection Document for Small Workboats) and changing the formatting of sections of the document, to make it compatible with the IMCA eCMID Database.


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