The IMCA M 178 “FMEA Management Guide”, suggests the following:


“An FMEA can be verified by either an informed owner or by an independent FMEA practitioner. Successive verifications should be undertaken on a regular basis by a combination of both the original FMEA practitioners and new practitioners to provide a “fresh pair of eyes” and additional tests drawn up to be performed during the annual trials if deemed necessary. The annual trials results may then indicate if an update is required.


Verification on a regular basis should be an iterative process, thereby raising the quality of the FMEA and leading to an improvement in the integrity and robustness of the system. It is suggested that a “regular basis” for verification would be in the order of every 12months, but this should be determined by a vessel management company assessment of the effectiveness of the FMEA verification process.”


TechMar Service is able to provide personnel to carry out Annual Trials and FMEAs on all types of DP vessel.


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