DP Trials

The IMCA M 182 “International Guidelines for The Safe Operation of Dynamically Positioned Offshore Supply Vessels”, suggests the following:


"Annual DP trials may be conducted as a single, separate event, or as part of a rolling test programme over the year, possibly as part of the vessel’s planned maintenance programme. The industry norm is for the trials to be carried out as a single, separate event. Where the trials are held on this basis, owners should ensure that they are witnessed by a third party. This could be an independent third party, or any competent person separate from the relevant operational team, such as the Master or Chief Engineer of another vessel, or an appropriate shore-based technical specialist. Where the trials are part of a rolling test programme over the year, the owner should ensure that the trials and the results are subject to independent scrutiny and approval.


Owners should ensure that the vessel’s key DP personnel participate actively in the conduct of the annual DP trials programme, regardless of the form that it takes. Documented records of the annual DP trials should be kept on board the vessel for the use of crew and made available to charterers as required."


Essentially DP Trials and FMEAs are intended to ensure that DP2 and DP3 ships are capable of safe operation. They should not drive on or off, or drift on or off. This is generally prevented by the identification of the possibility of any single point failure, including in some cases, fires or failures of wiring or pipework. Systems should in general also be designed to prevent a single mal operation by the operating personnel that could result in an unwanted result.


TechMar Service is able to provide personnel to carry out Annual Trials and FMEAs on all types of DP vessel.

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